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Cyprus Ports Authority is one of the largest semi-governmental organisations of the Republic of Cyprus. With 50 years of experience in the port industry, the Organisation carries out a particularly important and crucial task in three axes, which define the framework of action and the vision of the Board of Directors, namely: (a) the owner of the port areas and facilities; ( b) the service provider; and (c) the regulator / supervisor of the port facilities.

With a full understanding of the current challenges we face and being aware of the international, European and national context in which our Organisation operates, we proceed to renew our vision in the scope of the role of the Authority, in full cooperation with the port industry of our country and the government services , with openness, transparency, integrity and always within the legal framework of our administrative action and the principles that govern good administration.

New strategies and an extensive investment program are ahead for the development of our ports within the green energy sphere and digitalization era, for the benefit of the wider society and of the port industry.

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