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In September 2017, the Group launched a new Shipping Center, based in Limassol. From October 2022 it is part of International Banking. It comprises a team of experienced ship-finance professionals who aim to develop relationships with selected Cypriot and Greek shipping companies, with a focus on the provision of shipping financing for ocean-going cargo vessels. Recognising the needs of the shipping community and opportunities for synergies, the Shipping Center aims to promote ancillary business opportunities within the Bank and offers a complete range of services to its clients, including operational banking, hedging and market solutions, wealth management and private banking services.

The Shipping Centre has already created close ties with the Cyprus maritime cluster and developed strong business relationships within the Hellenic shipping community.
Cyprus has a long shipping tradition and, in the last few years, has become a maritime centre of increasing international importance. As the country’s largest bank, it is natural for Bank of Cyprus to maintain a high calibre Shipping Centre, aiming to build relationships, provide solutions and empower its shipping clients to take their business to the next level.