"Maritime Cyprus" Conference

9 October 2022 - 12 October 2022



Important notes


Confirmation of participation will be on a first come first served basis.


  1. To register a single participation, please click on the button Participant (One Person).
  2. To register more that one participants under the same company/organisation (and thus the organisation’s information will be filled only once) click on the button Many Participants (from the same organisation).
  3. Please ensure that all fields are completed with the correct information and email address.
  4. Participation fee is €600 per person. Includes 3 days participation to the conference, invitation to the official opening reception, lucheons and coffee breaks for all 3 conference days. No discounts/special group registration fees apply.
  5. Payment of the participation fee can be made either during the registration process or at a later stage through our website (click on link Pay Registration Fees). If you choose to pay later, please be sure to use the Registration Reference Number that was sent to you during your registration process at your email. Partial payments of the registration fees are not accepted.
  6. You can alternatively pay the registration fees via bank transfer. The payment details are described in the confirmation email sent to you during your registration. Please quote the “Maritime Cyprus 2022” and the “Registration Reference Number” to the payment.
  7. A refund will be issued provided a written cancellation is submitted by 3 October 2022 the latest. Registrations cancelled on or after 4 October 2022 will not receive a refund. In the case of cancellation of the Conference by the organisers, a full refund of the registration fees will be made.
  8. The capacity of the Conference Centre depends on the protocols of the Ministry of Health prevailing at the time, therefore participations at the Conference will be based on a first come first served basis.
  9. For COVID-19 information and Travelling to Cyprus please click here.


Participant (One person) Many Participants (from the same organisation)