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OSEAN 360 Marine, Energy, IT Consultants, Products and Services.
Serving the maritime community locally and regionally through innovative, intelligent and state of the art engineering & scientific solutions and quality products.

OSEAN 360 is also the exclusive representative of the unique CASPER (Computerized Analysis of Ship PERformance) service of Propulsion Dynamics (USA/Denmark) in Cyprus and Greece.

A service,  
Optimizing the technical and commercial performance of ships. Turnkey service not requiring prior investment, additional software nor instruments installed; preferred by some of the bigger majors needing performance monitoring AND performance analysis AND expert recommendations.

-15 years track record
-Individual ship performance models
-Ability to process noon report data, speed tests, autologged data
-Hull and propeller performance analysis
-CP compliance, FOC predictions for all conditions (Speed, Weather, Draft)
-Speed-Fuel optimization
-Anonymous ship-type benchmarking
-Advice on technical issues allowing Operations and Technical to work from the same baseline.