Cyprus Maritime Technology Forum 2022

13 October 2022 at 08:30 - 14:30


Location: Carob Mill Conference Centre, Limassol

The Forum brings together representatives of companies, organisations and national agencies, to present and discuss issues covering shipping regulation, enforcement, and current technological activities that govern the future of shipping. Distinguished presenters and moderators ensure an active and interesting discussion and debate.  

The Forum will consist of three sessions:

  • Roadmap to  Decarbonization 

    The first session of the day will focus on shipping industry decarbonization issues. The session will commence with Moderator’s presentation (Set the Scene Set the scene (FuelEU, ETS, IMO regulations), and the Panelists will deliver their presentation on specific issue each following by discussions and Q & A. It is expected to cover issues from different angles as What will be the fuel of the future? Ammonia OR Hydrogen? OPS - Pros and Cons of each fuel – What is the challenge of each fuel from the R&I perspective.
  • The Cyprus shipping sector R&I Developments

    The second session of the day will focus on R&I developments in the Cyprus shipping sector. Research and Innovation are vital for the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of the shipping industry. Enterprises and organizations in Cyprus will present their research and development activities and their innovative shipping related products, such as alternative fuels, ballast water testing and robotics.
  • New ERA to Maritime Technology

    The third panel session of the day will focus on advances in maritime technology. The shipping industry can use developments in technology to be better, smarter, safer and greener. Emerging technologies related to remote activities, autonomous systems, big data and digitalization will radically transform shipping and reframe the operating environment, while new safety and security threats are emerged. 



Forum Organisers: